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Michelle "aka Coach Mea" Allman, MCC/HNLC-C


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 Michael Morgan 


Karibbean Under One Magazine (, was established in 2007 as a newsletter, then in April 2008, it officially became a magazine as an online publication. Today Karibbean Under One has now become an Enterprise that offers many of services from marketing, producing TV shows, graphic and web design, and much more!

OUR VISION: To inspire, educate, and encourage Caribbean Americans and people of color the importance of living healthy and embracing their cultural heritage 365.

OUR MISSION: We strive daily to promote cultural diversity and raise awareness on the the latest health & wellness information in America and the Caribbean Islands, exclusive interviews of men, women, youths, along with supporting our annual cultural events and local organizations.


In 2015, Coach Mea Allman, MCCC/HNC-C decided launched Karib Girlz Vybe, then in 2016 she founded her Official Women of Kulture with the mission/vision to celebrate, inspire, and educate women from diverse cultures locally & internationally, by sharing their achievements, testimonies of overcoming or still battling obstacles within their lives, to building a community of sisterhood, to finding their power of G.L.O.W. 365 = Greater Level of Wellness 365, while embracing the richness of their beautiful culture. In 2018, we launched our Official Men of Kulture 365, to celebrate and highlight men from various cultures that built a community of brotherhood. Then in 2019, we launch Young Women of Kulture 365 to celebrate our young women from diverse/mixed cultures who inspire young women like themselves. We share their personal testimonies and accomplishments and how their giving back within the community. 


In 2019, we launch My Kulture Is Beautiful 365. Our mission & vision of is to Motivate, Empower and Inspire men & women. We share biographies/stories of their cultural heritage. These men & women who stand in their Truth, in their Culture, and in all that they do! We are one.…with many Cultures!


Each year we celebrate with a Kings & Queens Edition Empowerment Luncheon by honoring 6-8 individuals from various cultures, while enjoying a delicious lunch. It truly is a “Brotherhood & Sisterhood Affair.” They share their bios of achievements, cultural heritage, and reflected on where they've been, to where they want to be, as well as provide a window of HOPE to many men and women who've overcome obstacles, health condition, to being on their journey of success throughout their daily lifestyles, as a small business owner, husband/wife, father/mother, to playtime as they embrace their Cultural Heritage! 



As a 21-year Breast Cancer Survivor and a Health Advocate, Coach Mea founder her Ribbons of Survivors in October 2014 to share testimonies of those who've have overcome or still batting chronic conditions. In 2017 I launched the 1st Annual Ribbons of Survivors 365 to honored 6-8 individual to celebrate individuals of various illness/condition to encourage hope to those still battling their conditions. We continue to do this event each year in October. Due to COVID, we will be doing our celebration via zoom.


G.L.O.W. 365 = Greater Level of Wellness 365 Monthly Virtual Show

G.L.O.W. 365 = Greater Level of Wellness 365 was first launched in 2020 as part of our health and wellness section of the KUOMagazine. In January 2021, Coach Mea Allman, CPLC/HNC-C hosted/produce her G.L.O.W. 365 = Greater Level of Wellness 365 Virtual Show with three other co-hosts -- Coach Dawn Hewitt, CHHC (Certified Holistic Health Coach/Holistic Wellness), Coach Lady Q, CPC (Certified Purpose Coach/Spiritual Advisor) and Sophie G (Host/Producer of Sophie G Radio Show/Words of Wisdom). G.L.O.W. 365 is a monthly virtual show that's every third Tuesday of each month. We feature top experts in their field of Health & Wellness, who share their expertise in how to find balance through Mind, Body and Soul. In each episode we bring a new approach to Fitness, Nutrition, Health Conditions, Holistic Health, Mental Wellness, Love & Relationships, Self-Love, Spiritual Wellness, testimonies of survivors who've overcome traumatic challenges/achievements, to celebrating and embrace our cultural heritage. Join the conversation to find you "Power Of G.L.O.W.

NOTE: Due to COVID all our signature events will be done via virtual.

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