In Threed: This Road Not Damascus, Tamara Madison’s first full-length collection of poetry, this poet and performer dances between mythical and tactile worlds. Through intimate conversations with ancestors, the Bible, and her own self as a poet and mother, she is not subtle in her message. In the first poem “Wombing: Three-Breasted Woman Shares Her Birth Story” Madison writes “I did not come here just to fight. I came/ to love you.” The word “threed” is defined by Madison as “a being carrying three breasts (or another appendage) where normally there are two.” This prophetic figure, the three-breasted woman, acts as a muse and a guide throughout the book. 


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Tamara J. Madison

Learn how the author, Leonard Burg-a spiritual seeker educated and trained at the feet of master indigenous healers, saints and leaders-has come to realize that "Disease" is not just physical. It's more like DIS-EASE-it includes suffering upsetting physical symptoms, conflicts or problems that are not the "enemy" to beat, but are designed to heal and awaken one to the realization of one's true SELF as a spiritual being. Are you among those who, irrespective of fame, fortune, or social/economic status, have often felt at a loss-suffering from prolonged estrangement, stress, overburdened, unfulfilled, or not valued for who you are and what you have to offer-whether within self or in relationships, institutions, the business world or society at large? 

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Lenny Burg

Muriel Bissainthe, shares, I Saw The Red Flag, but Ignored It! In Broken Chains: Courageous Women Overcoming Obstacles and Living on Purpose, Muriel shares with us her journey of being in a domestic violence relationship and the struggle of raising children in that environment. She discusses different situations she had to endure and the different scenarios she encountered that led her to leave the situation entirely. Muriel stated that “many women stay, not knowing if they can make it on their own and some of us have. The more power I allowed him to have over me, the more dangerous the emotional abuse became.

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Muriel Bissainthe

Sabrina "Cash" Kelly, tells her story of her journey to forgiveness as a survivor of child molestation and sexual abuse by multiple   people in her life,  “ALL” of the people who were trusted friends and family. In her story, She is finally able to open up about the events that happened to her and how she was able to move past the hurt and shame of being victimized to being at a place of peace in herself and for those who abused her.


Sabrina Cash Kelly

Author Ethel Mae highlights the importance of leaving baggage behind in a guide to  overcoming obstacles and achieving dreams titled “Pack Your Luggage But Leave Your Baggage: Practical Everyday Tips for Men and Women to Help Get through This Thing We Call Life!” Mae shares parts of her personal story and makes observations on life so readers can: appreciate their strengths and love themselves, confront and overcome whatever is holding them back and troubling them, take responsibility for their future, and adjust their attitude to achieve success.

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Alison DeSouza

The Author of Ethel Mae’s “Broken Pieces Behind," is published by Archway Publishing, She shares her painful story of surviving physical and sexual abuse at the hands of family members and trusted friends while growing up in London, England. “Broken Pieces Behind the Mask” is a dramatic, moving memoir of a traumatic childhood and its impact growing into young adulthood. While honest and passionate, Mae adds humor to cope with the difficult and     challenging experiences.

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Alison DeSouza