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KUOMagazine is dedicated to celebrating and sharing the most inspiring authors locally and worldwide of how to become a best-selling author, ghost writer, writing skills, how to publish your book. Click on book cover to purchase their books now.

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Leonard Burg - The Dis-Ease Is The Cure.png
Tales From An Unexpected Life.jpg
Terri Underwood - Transformed by His Love.jpg
Broken Pieces Behind The Mask - Ebook Cover.jpg
Pack Your Luggage But Leave Your Baggage - Ebook Cover.jpg
Finding Humor In Grief by Dr. Ruth L. Baskerville.png
Hoodless Klan by Dr. Ruth Baskerville.jpg
Beauty for Ashes by Dr. Ruth L. Baskerville.jpg
Transformed To Tell Book.jpg
Marcus The Superhero Book.jpg
Broken Chains by Ruby Mabry.jpg
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