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Official Women of Kulture

Inspiring women through cultural diversity and education.....

Official Women of Kulture was founded in 2016 by Coach Mea Allman, CPLC/HNC-C with the mission/vision to celebrate, inspire, and educate women from diverse cultures locally & internationally, by sharing their achievements, testimonies of overcoming or still battling obstacles within their lives, to building a community of sisterhood, to finding their power of G.L.O.W. 365 = Greater Level of Wellness 365, while embracing the richness of their beautiful culture.

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Meet Our Cultural Ambassadors

Our Motto: 

“We are a Giver of Life, the Heart & Soul of our family. She is an open book, because she’s not defined by the Color of our Skin, the Texture of our Hair, nor how we speak with our cultural accents or attire. We define who we are, who we want to be, and how we want people to see us, when we stand tall in our COMMUNITY, in our FAITH and most of all in our CULTURE. We are a WOMEN OF KULTURE 365 in all that We do! Hear us ROAR

Celebrating Women's History Month 2021


This is a special edition presented by Women of Kulture 365 & KweliWorks. We are celebrating "Women's History Month (March) with Women Glowing In The Southeast 2021 #SecretsOfMasteringSelf&TheGame. In part 2, our special guests are Dr. Florence Alexander (Founder Orlando Int'l Film Festival - Lions Club - OIFF), Dr. Arlene Woodbury (Psychiatrist & OIFF Ambassador/Head Jurist/Board Member), Katherine Mauri-Love (Producer/Host of Living The Life You Love and Image & Lifestyle Consultant, KweliWorks), and Julie Rodgers (Skin & Body Holistic Esthetician/Makeup Artist/Natural Cosmetic Manufacturer/Self-Empowerment Educator). The segment will provide information, and proven strategies and techniques to help accelerate the rise of women in politics, corporate America, and entrepreneurship.

2020 Our Cultural Ambassadors

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2018 Our Cultural Ambassadors

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Women of Kulture (G.L.O.W.) 365

Mea Allman, Founded of KUOMagazine's Karibbean Girlz Vybe in April 2015. Then in 2016, she rebrand to Women of Kulture #MyKultureIsBeautiful to celebrate women from various cultures. Then in 2020, we've shifted to Women of Kulture 365 (G.L.O.W.) by continuing to celebrate women not just from various cultures, but with the mission of a Greater Level of Wellness 365 (G.L.O.W. 36). These women share how they find balance within their #Mind #Body & #Soul. They also paint a portrait with their voice by sharing their accomplishments, personal testimony of overcoming obstacles while celebrating, while embracing their culture heritage 365.

2021 Women of Kulture 365 (G.L.O.W) Ambassadors

 2020 Women of Kulture 365 (G.L.O.W) Ambassadors

 2019 Women of Kulture 365 (G.L.O.W) Ambassadors

 2018 Women of Kulture 365 (G.L.O.W) Ambassadors

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 2016 Women of Kulture 365 (G.L.O.W) Ambassadors

2014/2015 Karibbean Girlz Vybe Ambassadors

2018 Young Women of Kulture 365 Campaign 

On behalf of Official Women of Kulture team, we would like to thank Keisha N. Clay in helping to spearhead our Women of Kulture 365 Campaign 2018 #mycultureisbeautiful photoshoot with these beautiful-amazing women. We truly enjoyed reading and sharing your stories from you came from to where your journey continues. As women of kulture 365, you all speak volume in how you motivate, inspire women within your community to the ones that are reading from afar. No matter what cultures we came from or obstacles you’ve faced and overcame. The end results have shown that we as women, a network of sisterhood can achieve and accomplish the road to our dreams. Also, a very special thank you to Vic Roman for the amazing photography @vic_the_roman on Instagram. Stay connected with us on Instagram @officialwomenofkulture. If you would like to be a part of Women of Kulture Campaign 2022 #mycultureisbeautiful in January 2022, please email a picture of yourself, a bio to

If you would like to become one of our Official Women of Kulture Ambassador, please submit your bio and picture at

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