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In our Health & Wellness, our journalist will provide educational information on Beauty, Love & Relationships, Mindfulness, Health & Fitness, Traditional Medicine Nutritional & Wellness Recipes that inspire a healthy lifestyle.

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    Jamee G is our Beauty 411: Hair Care Journalist. She's a Cosmetologist, Loctician that specializing in Locs and Natural Hair, Natural Hairstylist, and the owner of Loc Bar Healthy Hair Studios that provides services and education in the Salon and online for both clients and stylist. 

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    Ria is our Beauty 411: Skin Care Journalist. She's an Author, Makeup Artist, Talent Agency, Model Coach & Fitness/Wellness Professional and Founder of Wellness Matters & So Do You, LLC. and our 2019 Ribbons of Survivors "Ovarian/Cervix Cancer" Ambassador

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    Coach Ronnie is our Love & Relationship Journalist and a Master Coach of Exceptional Relationships and Sex that provides clients with various means to “find solutions to interpersonal conflicts, prevent violence, and achieve a more cohesive and civil community”


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    Mea is the host of the GLOW Show, a Certified Professional Life/Health & Nutrition Coach, Health Advocate,  21-year Breast Cancer Survivor, and the host of GLOW TV Show.


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    Dawn is our Traditional Medicine Journalist and a Certified Holistic Health Coach, Health Advocate,  2019 Ribbons of Survivors 365 “Graves’ Disease” Ambassador. I will give insights to natural health.


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    Chef Sandi is our Wellness Chefs Journalist, a Author, health and fitness field for 29 years, Vegetarian for 12 years and a vegan chef and the host of Eating Healthy with Sandi Morais on Saturdays 5pm EST..


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