Honoring Fatherhood

Ask anyone what fatherhood means to them and you hear words like “provider”, “protector”, “legacy builder”, “hard worker” and adjective go on. Specifically ask a father what fatherhood means to him and you will hear “wonderful,” “on the job training,” “a gift,” “honorable.” I’m grateful to have share times and conversations with fathers all over the world and the stories they share will inspire you. They know they are not perfect and although some may not have had the best experiences with their father growing up, when they became fathers, they were determined to be the best father that ever lived. Men who have been blessed to have girls will      always refer to her as “their little princess” even when she has grown up and have a family of her own. To see the smile upon their face when sharing stories of holidays and birthdays is inspirational. There are fathers that didn’t have the resources other hand, yet make it happen and their children did not go without.


Fathers play an incredible role in this world and although there are those that will argue that father day never gets the recognition that mother day do, they will acknowledge that in the end it’s not about the father, it’s about the children they are raising to be incredible, loving, men and women that will go on to carry forth the knowledge and pride in being a gift and contributor to their future family and community.


It’s a journey that in many instances don’t come with instructions and yet, they make it work. That they have a purpose to be the best man they can be and provide a shield of love and goals for future generations. I honor you fathers and on this father’s day take the time to let your father know that he is appreciated and loved. Let him know you are grateful for all he has done. To all of you whose father may be looking down on you from above, in the privacy of your own space, talk to him. I’m willing to bet he hears you.


Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers of the world. We love and thank you.


Ronnie Walker, KUOMagazine’s Love & Relationship Journalist

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