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Traditional Medicine not only heals our bodies, but it also promotes skin wellness. With so many readily  available commercial skin care products today, it’s easy to be confused  about how best to care for our skin. Moisturizers full of petrochemicals and other unpronounceable ingredients can actually exacerbate skin conditions like eczema,  psoriasis. etc. Quite literally, the skin consumes what is applied to it, and distributes residual amounts into the body, which is why the quality of the products we use on it; is very important to our overall health. Our skin is the body’s largest organ, working in tandem with the liver and lymphatic system to assist the body with functions like elimination of toxins, maintenance of temperature and preserving the integrity of our internal environment. This issue’s Traditional Medicine interview is all about Natures Essentials, a wonderful, natural skincare line. We are chatting with Paul Anthony Sutherland, the CEO and founder. Paul   believes that Traditional Medicine “is the original method of healing. using plant matter in various forms to attain homeostasis. When the body is dis-eased, an element in the system is out of harmony.

The goal of true traditional healing is to bring the body back into harmony.” When asked how this philosophy applies to his products, he replies: “This path to wellness is vitally linked with Nature’s Essentials primary mission; to “change lives one drop at a time” using all-natural products to meet various needs.” He further states…”I test all herbs on myself first to attest to their efficacy prior to    suggesting their usage to others.”

KUOM: Paul, was the My Everything Oil your original product, and what was your motivation for creating it? My Everything was the first item I produced. I am naturally curious.  So, my curiosity led me to experiment with essential oils after learning more about their properties in 2012. Initially, I was curious about how well hair would grow utilizing an oil blend. And in 2013 My Everything was born. 

KUOM: Tell us a bit about the founding of Nature's Essentials. Did it begin after you realized how popular your oil was becoming with your customers? I actually founded the company before I had any customers. I ran a few successful tests with friends and family. After I got the feedback I needed, I was ready to start selling. The popularity and resulting sales boom followed maybe a year later. 

KUOM: You are known for using top quality, natural and organic ingredients in your products, give us an idea about the level of research and strategizing it took to produce the formula and source the ingredients for the My Everything Oil? I’ve never thought about how much time, energy, and planning it takes to produce any of my formulas. I enjoy the process, so it doesn’t  occur to me. I would say on the whole, research, procurement, strategy, and development takes anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks.

KUOM: What was your childhood like in Jamaica and when did you arrive in the states? And do you credit your Jamaican background as having inspired your passion for herbs and  natural   remedies? I was actually born in the United States. From 2 months up to the age of 15, I had the opportunity to visit my paternal grandparents in Jamaica every summer, for a few months.  My grandmother was a nurse and an   herbalist. I was able to glean a lot from her. My grandfather was a farmer and carpenter. When he’d take me out to his cow pasture, he’d teach me about some of the plants and animals that we’d encounter. Back in the US, I’d learn a bit from my father, mother, maternal grandmother, and family-friends in our tightly knit, Jamaican community. Outside of that, I’d read to expand on what I’d been taught. I test all herbs on myself first to attest to their efficacy prior to suggesting their usage to others. 

KUOM: Can you tell the readers about the wonderful range of products the business has expanded to include, and where they can be purchased?  I started with My Everything and am now selling 6   other products. I sell Ghanaian-made black soap, Jamaican Black Castor Oil (Currently out of stock), a shampoo/beard wash, that doubles as a body wash, a lavender myrrh body balm, and a chocolate-mint body balm. All of the products are available on our website; www.naturesessentialoils.net. As far as brick and mortar goes, you can also purchase My Everything and the Lavender/Myrrh balm from Three Masks Inc (1023 W. Colonial Dr.)


KUOM: Is there a product from your line that you would  recommend rejuvenating the skin of survivors of cancer and other diseases? Sure! For cancer survivors first off, I'd suggest using only the most natural products. Avoid using anything that includes ingredients that you cannot pronounce (loads of chemicals and highly processed). From my line, I'd suggest, the African Black Soap, My Everything, and our My Serenity body balm. Not only are they healing, they smell great!!


KUOM: In closing, how do you personally include Traditional Medicine practices in your everyday life, and would you encourage others to do the same and why? Upon waking, I do deep breathe exercises, drink water, and consume a homemade roots tonic. If I am   feeling under the weather or feel like I may be coming down with something, I’ll visit my garden, get the herbs that I need, make a tea or tonic, then I’m good to go. I’d encourage those who are seeking healing to seek a more natural approach. Most times the natural method takes a little longer, but the effects are longer lasting. Side-effects are minimal if any at all. The goal is to heal the body, not just place a band-aid on it, and vegetation is the perfect fit for the job. Deep breathing, physical exercise, sunshine, rest, proper nutrition, and positive relationships all contribute to our healing, so I include them in my arsenal of traditional medicine. 


On behalf of KUOMagazine.com and myself, I would like to thank Paul Sutherland for sharing his inspirational Traditional Medicine story with us. We encourage our readers to reach out to him through the following links:

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