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Mea Allman, Founded of KUOMagazine's started Karibbean Girlz Vybe in 2015 - 2016 to celebrate our women from various cultures and the positive things they were doing within their community, by sharing their biographies/stories. In 2016, we shifted to rebranding to Women of Kulture. In 2017, as part of Women's History Month in March, we celebrated with our Annual "Queens Edition" Women Empowerment Luncheon," to honor women from various cultures, while enjoying a delicious lunch. It is a “Sisterhood Affair,” because they share personal stories of accomplishments, to battles/obstacles.  Our Women of Kulture 365 Motto Is : “We are a Giver of Life, the Heart & Soul of our family. She is an open book, because she’s not defined by the Color of our Skin, the Texture of our Hair, nor how we speak with our cultural accents or attire. We define who we are, who we want to be, and how we want people to see us, when we stand tall in our COMMUNITY, in our FAITH and most of all in our CULTURE. We are a WOMEN OF KULTURE 365 in all that We do! Hear us ROAR!

A special congratulations to our 2020 Women of Kulture 365 Ambassors

A special congratulations to our 2019 Women of Kulture 365 Ambassors

A special congratulations to our 2018 Women of Kulture 365 Ambassadors

A special congratulations to our 2017 Women of Kulture 365 Ambassadors


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