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Soulful Art: Celebrating The Art & Culture of a Nigerian Artist, Timothy Adebule aka Bushman #1

Tim is a Nigerian artist and the business owner of Three Masks Inc, “Sharing Africa from Within”, located at 1023 W. Colonial Drive, Orlando, FL. When you walk into Three Masks you are greeted with African music playing, a store filled with the continent of Africa is being introduced to you and Tim has such a demeanor that is full of joy and happiness. When you sit down on the most famous couch of Orlando you are sure to receive wisdom from Tim. There is nothing you will ever encounter like Three Masks. In the September/October/November 2021 issue of KUOMagazine, Timothy shares an exclusive interview with our Soulful Art Journalist, Lady Q on his cultural history from being born in England and to being raised in Nigeria, what inspired him to become an artist and the techniques his uses, how the name Bushman came about, building and cultural empire at Three Mask, Inc. by "“Sharing Africa from Within,” and so much more.

To read the full interview on page 43, click link https://www.kuomagazine/kuomagazineissues

Published September/October/November 2021

Lady Q, KUOMagazine's Soulful Art Journalist

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