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Self-care is often misunderstood, because one may not know how to take care of oneself with behaviors that promote health and active management of illness when it occurs. Daily self-care in some form may include nutritional food choices, exercise, sleep, to mental wellness. The concept of self-care has increased more attention within the last couple of years as we are still coping with COVID in practicing wellness regiments.

Take time today to enjoy some fresh outdoors, take a social media break, practice self-love affirmations, clean and declutter your space, enjoy a good book or movie, date night with family or significant other. Also, don’t forget to schedule those health care appointments this week. Whatever your self-care regiment include, let it have a lasting and beneficial impact within the #Mind #Body and #Soul to keep to lower stress and maintain our mental wellness. Until next time, stay safe and well.

Also, check out some our journalist Ria Mali & Jamee Beauty 411: Hair & Skin Care Tips and some delicious healthy recipes from our Wellness Chefs, Vegan Sandi Morais.

Coach Mea Allman, CPLC/HNLC-C

Certified Life, Health & Nutritional Coach

KUOMagazine's Founder/Editor-in-chief

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