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A Vision Of An Author Who Breaks All Bounders

Free Harris, born American author that’s chronicled her journey in her debut book, "I Would Scream If I Could Get This Dick Out of My Mouth."

Free Harris, the name “Free” is actually the name that best describes who I am. It comes from my unmuting process and is a gift from God for completing my first body of work as an author. Shares how she prepared to become an author, who inspires her, the element of surprises in the title of your recent book and the backlash of the title, the extent was your “awakening” religious or spiritual, and so much more. To read our exclusive interview with Free Harris, click on the tab above (KUOMagazine Issues), and all other articles.

Published: January 15, 2021

by Coach Mea Allman, KUOMagazine's Editor-In-Chief

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