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Official Men of Kulture 365

Inspiring men through diversity and education.....

Our mission is to inspire and educate men of all ages by bringing awareness on  many diverse cultures, conversations on various topics that affect men, share achievements, testimonies of overcoming or continue to battle obstacles within our lives, health & wellness tips, and show the richness of our beautiful culture.

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About Official Men of Kulture 365

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KUOMagazine's Official Men of Kulture 365, founded in 2018 by Mea Allman. Our mission is to build a brotherhood through many diverse cultures that will Inspire, Educate, bring Awareness, a Faith Foundation from all ages of men. We share awareness on various topics that affect men, biographies achievements and stories on how we've overcame or continue to battle obstacles within our lives. We are a brotherhood of men that stand in our truth as husbands, fathers, brothers, uncles to business owners, etc. 

More information or if you would like to be featured as one of our "Men of Kulture 365," please submit your bio and photo to To coincide with "Father's Day Month (June)," we celebrate with our "Men of Kulture 365 "Kings Edition" Empowerment Luncheon. Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19), we have postponed our event to a later date. 

Celebrating Caribbean Heritage/Men's Health Month


In this segment of GLOW 365 = Greater Level of Wellness, our topic is the Self-Care: Ways To Improve In Living A Healthier Lifestyle – Part I, with our special guests Dr. Pat Smith (Registered Dietitian & Licensed Nutritionist), Dr. Ronald Lynch (Retired Family Physician) and Oliver Batson who will be share his story with coping with his underline conditions. In Part ll - This is a special edition presented by Men of Kulture 365 & KweliWorks. We are celebrating "Caribbean Heritage & Men's Health Month (June) with our special guest Attorney Wayne Golding (Jamaican), Dr. Idler Bonhommee (Haitian), Louis Witter (Jamaican), Ronnie Walker (American) & Samuel Roberts (Guyanese) with the aim to offer some helpful perspectives  that might inspire men of multiple cultures to risk paying more attention to their health in relation to the fulfillment of their life goals.

Meet Cultural Global Ambassadors

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