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About Ronyai Hawkins (born American), I am a Activist/Advocate, Multi-Faceted Artist/Entrepreneur. I've been truly blessed to do some amazing things in the performing arts/entertainment industry for over 15 years here in the Central Florida area. I started my own brand, Paint With Words, Inc., over three years ago now displaying all of my gifts and talents as a service to the community in the areas of spoken word artist/poet, singer-songwriter, dancer/choreographer, actor, host/emcee, self-taught musician (percussionist/guitarist), rapper, scriptwriter, video/film director, motivational/inspirational speaker......READ MORE!

Two Words Art & Therapy

January/February/March 2020

When you think of these two words Art and Therapy within the same sentence many don't believe they can live in holy matrimony. During my coming of age years and having to move from the Midwest to Florida Florida I was already experiencing very traumatic but pivotal moments in my life. I witnessed childhood  friends being murdered due to gun violence,.....

Adina Sutton

April/May/June 2020

Adina is Resilient, Persistent, Selfless, Courageous. These are just a few words that describe the characteristics and brilliant mind of Adina Sutton. After being diagnosed with a health condition called Shingles, Adina relies on her faith, family, and her passion for the arts to be her therapy tool to heal and give back.  Let’s take a closer look into the world of this upcoming........

Ronyai Hawkins

Sept./Oct./Nov. 2020

October is National Bullying Awareness Month. I am sharing a little bit about me. Healing Isn't Pretty...But Necessary! This is about my personal struggles and triumphs within my journey. As a survivor of bullying I can recall the different levels of abuse I suffered from my father's and mother's side of the family while sojourning through my coming of age process. I grew up in a tribe full of clergy


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