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Beauty 411: Hair & Skin Care

Our Hair Care Specialist Jamee G shares how to maintain a healthy hair care regiment, and why using the proper hair care products is important. Also, good care helps avoid extensive damage that can lead to hair loss. Ria Mali, our Skin Care Specialist shares tips on daily skincare routine that helps as a source of preventive shield to keep the outermost surface layer of our skin intact. Keeping the skin hydrated serves as a primary defense against the environment. And also, the importance of avoiding using harsh products can damage the outer layer by stripping essential lipids and moisture.  

  • Facial Wash

    Skin Wellness

    Many women try a variety of products and still have not reached skin wellness.... READ MORE!

  • Natural Ingredient face Mask

    Skin Wellness Isn't Just For Women

    Skin wellness isn’t just for women. Men need a skin care regimen too....READ MORE!

  • Young Girl with Afro

    Natural Hair Movement

    The natural hair movement is becoming extremely popular now a days. You are just not sure which way to go.......READ MORE!

  • Parent and Child at the Supermarket

    Harmful Ingredients

    You can avoid harmful chemicals by going over this list of harmful ingredients. If you use any products that contain.....READ MORE!

  • Winter Skin copy.png

    Winter Skin

    Many skin conditions pop up during the colder weather. Dry patches, itchy & Eczema flairs are on the rise during weather season......READ MORE!

  • Natural Hair 1.jpg

    Managing Winter  Hair

    Tis the season! But why is my hair feeling dry and breaking off? It's getting old outside and you may notice your hair is changing. Yes, it is!.....READ MORE!

  • Jamee G - 1.JPG

    Why I Become A Hairstylist by Jamee G

    Celebrating Women's History Month in March 2021, Jamee G shares who inspired her to become a hairstylist.....READ MORE!

  • Wellness with Vitamin D.jpg

    Beauty Wellness Tips On Vitamin D

    Wellness is  the state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal. You can’t leave out the biggest organ. Our skin......READ MORE!


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