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Faith Sessions with Elder Frank Mixon II

Cancer Doesn’t Have To Be A Death Sentence!

Cancer is a word that sparks fear and nervousness, in the hearts and minds of those who hear that they have it and those who are friends and love ones. Cancer is described as an invasive growth or tumor. It can be characterized as a person or a growth that may become malignant and metastasize within a person. I will be talking about the one on the inside that causes sickness and despair. Cancer refers to a large number of diseases characterized by the  development of abnormal cells that infiltrate and destroy normal body tissue.


 I have family members who have survived this abnormality in their body, it takes a fighter, one who can persevere and endure pain and hurt. There is a lot of medicines, therapy some with chemo and radiation. Think of how a person must suffer the ordeal of abnormality on the inside and abnormally put different chemo, radiation, and medicines in you to combat the disease that has attacked your body. There are stages to cancer which is a baseline to explain the seriousness of the disease within. Even with hearing the name it doesn’t necessarily mean a death sentence. I remember when the doctor told my wife she had cancer. I was despondent not knowing what was going to transpire, but I know my wife, she is a fighter. There was no way she was going to accept this diagnosis without a fight.


 First, we need to know the options. Our belief in God lead us, but the Bible says, “ Likewise the Spirit also helpeth our infirmities: for we know not what we should pray for as we ought,” We wanted to be specific in what we prayed to God about. Just as there are stages to cancer there are stages to your faith. When there is an abnormality that comes against whether internally or externally, know there is a greater power that can combat any abnormality that is not meant to be in you. Greater he that is in you, I believe there is an overcoming. Your belief in God and an excellent medical team and a wonderful support system, you can proudly believe without equivocation and start quoting John 11:4. Be Blessed, to all survivors, you are God’s miracles and examples that God can and will.


Written by Elder Frank H. Mixon II 

KUOMagazine’s Faith Sessions Journalist



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