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Founder /Editor-In-Chief

Michael Morgan

Co-Founder / CEO / CFO

Maria Mixon

Editorial Director, PR & Marketing Director of  Women

of Kulture 365

Ronyai Hawkins

Managing Editor, PR & Marketing Director of  Men of Kulture 365

Sandi Morais

Senior Editor

Wellness Chefs Consultant

Dawn Hewitt, CHHC

Holistic Health Consultant

Events Coordinator

About KUOMagazine.com

Karibbean Under One Magazine (KUOMagazine), has been established since 2007 as a newsletter by Founder Mea Allman. In April 2008, Ms. Allman launched a magazine as an online publication called Karibbean Under One Magazine (KUOMagazine.com) along with her son Michael Morgan, who's now the Co-Founder & CEO/CFO. Our mission & vision to bring awareness to a healthier style of living through a Greater Level of Wellness (G.L.OW.) and to celebrate our Caribbean Culture 365. We share how to become acquainted with the heritage of our Caribbean culture through Annual Cultural Events, Caribbean Carnivals, Interviews, Health & Wellness, Wellness Recipes, Immigration, etc., along with promoting organizations, business owners and hosting our signature events below. And in 2020, we given you a greater level of wellness to live a healthier lifestyle.



In 2014, we launch our Ribbons of Survivors to celebrate and bring awareness of individuals that have overcome or continue to battle cancer and chronic illnesses/conditions. In 2015, Mea Allman decided launched Karib Girlz Vybe, which will now be Young Women of Kulture 365. In 2016, we officially launched KUOMagazine's Women of Kulture, then later in 2018 to Women of Kulture 365. In December 2018, we launched Men of Kulture 365, to celebrate and highlight men and women from various cultures.


In 2019, we launch My Kulture Is Beautiful 365Our mission & vision of  is to Motivate, Empower and Inspire men & women. We share biographies/stories of their cultural heritage. These men & women who stand in their Truth, in their Culture, and in all that they do! We are one.…with many Cultures!


Each year we celebrate our KUOMagazine's Men & Women of Kulture 365 Kings & Queens Edition Empowerment Luncheon by honoring 6-8 individuals from various cultures, while enjoying a delicious lunch. It truly is a “Brotherhood & Sisterhood Affair.” In October, we host our third event called KUOMagazine's  Ribbons of Survivors 365 Celebration Luncheon,"  to bring awareness to various chronic illnesses/conditions.

KUOMagazine's Women of Kulture 365 "Queens "Edition" Luncheon (March) 

KUOMagazine's Men of Kulture 365 " Kings Edition" Luncheon (June)

 KUOMagazine's Ribbons of Survivors 365 "Celebration Luncheon" (October)

Our motto is; “we are a Giver of Life, the Heart & Soul of our family. We’re not defined by the Color of our Skin, the Texture of our Hair, nor how we speak with our cultural accents. We define who we are, who we want to be, and how we want people to see us, when we stand tall in our community, in our faith and most of all in our culture. We are also Survivors, Warriors by design, a Fighter in Life…..we are Strong, Beautiful, Imperfect, and Loved! 


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