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Our MISSION is to appreciate and embrace our cultures and dispel cultural assumptions and the vision is to "Bridge the Gap Between our Various Communities." We will be covering Central Florida and beyond! And, also bring bring a new approach to Healthy Lifestyle through our virtual show G.L.O.W. 365 = Greater Level of Wellness 365

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KUOM TV & G.L.O.W. 365 TV celebrates the richness of various cultures, annual cultural events, carnivals, entertainment,  to health & wellness with featured guest interviews.

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In February 2021, we launched our G.L.O.W. 365 = Greater Level of Wellness 365 TV Virtual Shows, that hosted by founder/producer Mea Allman, co-hosts Dawn Hewitt, CHHC, Lady Q and Sophie G with a new approach to Health & Wellness from Fitness, Nutrition, Chronic Illness, Holistic Health, Mental Wellness, Love & Relationships, Self-Love, Spiritual Wellness, testimonies of survivors who've overcome traumatic challenges, achievements, to find your "Power Of G.L.O.W. 365 within you. 


Join the conversation every 3rd Tuesday of each month for G.L.O.W. 365 Virtual Show streaming live on Youtube at


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